Kalvithanthai AKR Sourashtra Teacherís College

Sayanarpuram, Panaiyur (P.O) Sivagangai Dt. Mobile : 8643848933.

(Run by Sourashtra Vidhya Rakshak A.K.R. Educational Society, Madurai.)

Reg.No : 137/05

Accredited with 'B' Grade by NAAC
Welcome to Kalvithanthai A.K.R. Sourashtra Teacherís College (Run by Sourashtra Vidhya Rakshak A.K.R. Educational Society, Madurai.)
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Our Values

The values prevalent in our working environment are expressed by:-


We promote innovation in every area. The innovative efforts of teachers as well as students are recognized and reinforced.


We are fully committed to our vision, mission, goals and values. Mistakes help us to do better next time but can never discourage.

Work Environment:

We have created an encouraging and democratic environment so that everyone works having an inner drive.

Completely Professional Attitude

Our teacher educators are motivated to acquire sincerity towards their profession. We strive to inculcate completely professional attitude among our budding teachers too.

Democratic Ideals:

We are democratic in our dealing with our students, our stakeholders and our resources. Everyone get his due share of courtesy and respect.


We are guided by team spirit. The initiative of one person is supported by an ensured assistance and co-operation by everyone related.

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